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This is an excellent post about the lack of female presence in movies. Not sure what it's got to do with EDs but as I'm drafting a vaguely feminist, metaphorical interpretation of anorexia (not as utterly lame as it sounds) at the moment I'm getting sidetracked in my reading.

Anyway, I've been catching up on my sleep and not much else this weekend. I've decided to try and save my calories for consumption in front of the boyfriend, if only to keep the peace at home. But then I fret my metabolism will nosedive without my 3 rigidly timed minimeals a day. Am I the only ED person who worries about not eating often enough? Actually, I'm noticably less hungry lately, I feel like all my systems are at a very low ebb, I ache all over I'm tired and mentally slow, too. The prozac has taken the edge of the depression, so maybe this is just one of my tired phases.

One thing which is getting me excited lately is all the grunge-inspired fashion in the shops. I'm wearing maroon-coloured lipstick and workmans boots with maxi-dresses. Collapse )