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My disordered eating and related issues

17 May
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:::This journal will no longer be updated.:::
I hesitate to say the word recovery, I'm not sure I even believe in total recovery. But after 12 years of EDs I've finally taken up residence at the recovered end of the spectrum, rather than the sick or ambivolent one. Two years ago I thought I was a lifer and I honestly now think I'm OK, not at risk of relapse. Depression is still kicking my ass, I'm broke and trying to figure out how to salvage my life after anorexia...life isn't suddenly all birdsong and rainbows, recovery isn't suddenly hitting a target weight or getting out of treatment and suddenly life is wonderful. It's a subtle gradual thing. And it's nothing like the 'fake recovered' spaces in between relapses.

I still care a lot about all my eating disordered comrades here on LJ and in the wider world. There are so many of us, with so much collective pain and I wish I could offer more help, I have immense respect for anyone living with an eating disorder. I never really had anything revelatory or helpful to say here...but if you're looking for smart, supportive ED blogs I can recommend these two:-
ed-ucate/livejournal.com and ed-bites.blogspot.co.uk/.
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