Kat (cogitoergobum) wrote,

On Friday I ate a normal amount of food, socially. Normal for a normal person, not normal for me that is. It was a total carb-fest and there was alcohol. Oh well. I can do that once in a while without freaking out too much. I still feel guilty though, hence using LJ as my confessional. Today I've had a yoghurt and 2 bowls of cereal. It's always going to feel like too much but I know that's not too bad. I hate caring so much about food when I know, really, at some level, it's just food and it doesn't deserve to have such power over me. 

I cant think of anything interesting or insightful to post right now so here's a self portrait I've started painting.
It's terrifyingly lifelike.

Tags: art, intake

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